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CTN 107: How To Cope With Travel Fears Post Pandemic

May 12, 2021

Are you dealing with anxiety, nervousness, and fear when it comes to travel post pandemic? You are not alone! To some extent everyone is assessing how cautious to be when they travel. In this episode, we will be looking at some recent studies that revealed how ones mental health is playing a role in post pandemic travel decisions. We will also look at different emotional and problem solving ideas to help you cope with reentry anxiety. In all of this, we turn back to the Lord - thanking Him for creating fear that helps us assess risk in situations and acknowledging that part of healthy risk assessment means putting our trust in Him. 

It is important to note, that Christian Travelers' Network is not legally endorsing or advising any specific decisions about when and how to travel. 

We also announced in this episode that we have a couple of trips coming up with the theme "Recline At The Table." These will be opportunities for you to connect with other travelers who share your faith and your love for travel. We will be in Florida (Nov 8-12) and Punta Cana (January - dates TBD) To learn more and reserve your spot, please visit our website. You can also visit our website to be added to our newsletter, connect with us on social media, and gain other faith and travel resources.

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Until next time - safe travels and God Bless!

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