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CTN 32: Traveling To Escape Reality

CTN 32: Traveling To Escape Reality

December 4, 2019

I was reading a facebook post and I had to stop and record this episode. I can relate to this lady who wants to get away from life and find purpose in travel, but is that what God wants? Can God use travel to refocus us? This week I dive into that subject and I hope you will come along for the ride.

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God Bless & Safe Travels!

CTN 31: Conscientious Travel w/ Meg James

CTN 31: Conscientious Travel w/ Meg James

November 27, 2019

Meg James, from Go and Do Good and Trekking Twice, joins us to talk about travel accommodations that give back to needs in their local communities. She also shares how she uses Instagram and her blog to talk about faith + travel with her audience!

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CTN 30: Chad Woodward & Archaeological Dig

CTN 30: Chad Woodward & Archaeological Dig

November 20, 2019

Chad Woodward, a Biblical Scholar who worked on Dead Sea Scroll fragments during his studies, join us to discuss his time in Israel working on an archaeological dig. He shares about his experience and other historical landmarks in the region. 

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CTN 29: “Traveling” Through the Holidays

CTN 29: “Traveling” Through the Holidays

November 13, 2019

Have you felt the business of the holidays start to kick in yet? I have. So today I wanted to share some tools I used to help me stay focused on what matters most - our Savior! I also share the long awaited news of where CTN will be relocating to and what potential trips lie in our future!

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Today's verse came from Proverbs 12:25!

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CTN 28: Mike Snyder & Short Term Missions

CTN 28: Mike Snyder & Short Term Missions

November 6, 2019

Have you ever thought about doing a short term mission trip, but weren't sure if it would make a long term impact on the community? Mike Snyder joins us this week to share his insights from his 20+ years of working with missions. 

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CTN 27: 3 Ways to Plan Your Next Trip

CTN 27: 3 Ways to Plan Your Next Trip

October 16, 2019

Ever wanted to throw a dart at a map or spin a globe to pick your next travel destination? Today I'm walking you through these methods to plan three trips. One to Japan, another to Iran, and another to Silver City, New Mexico. I will explain my thought process that goes into planning a trip. If you would like to jump to a specific tool I used or a specific location I planned for, please look at the suggested times below:

Dart on Map - An online resource for throwing a dart and picking a destination - 1:55

Spin the Globe - 2:50

Noken - An online tool or app to take the hassle out of planning trips - 3:22

Silver City, New Mexico (USA) - 3:46

Iran - 7:19

Japan - 11:56

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Safe travels and God Bless!


CTN 26: Choosing A City To Move To

CTN 26: Choosing A City To Move To

October 9, 2019

If you are a traveler, there are often times when you find yourself dreaming of the next place you can live in. Whether its a short-term move or a more permanent one it's always nice to know that you have options.

Today I have decided to walk you through my process of what to look for in a city. I used to analyze my priorities in a city and give me the best selection. From there I use other resources to find out what the Christian community, top things to see & do, community organizations, and other attractions look like in that community.

If you want to jump ahead to a specific town I will be discussing, please jump to the following time selections:

Boise, Idaho (3:40)

Charleston, South Carolina (12:59)

Portland, Maine (17:41)

Madison, Wisconsin (22:30)

St. Louis, Missouri (27:05)

My rankings for them (32:14)

Proverbs 16:9 (33:43)

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CTN 25: What’s CTN & What’s Coming Soon?

CTN 25: What’s CTN & What’s Coming Soon?

October 2, 2019

This podcast has been going for half a year and we want to celebrate with you! It's such a blessing having you tune in on a regular basis and hearing your stories in our Facebook group and on Instagram! 

In this weeks episode I will be sharing about some ways that I have seen God moving around this Network - the potential to start offering retreats, maybe having a regular online devotion, and more. I also share recap how this group started and how my own travel experiences led me to start this network.

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God's Blessings and Safe Travels!

CTN 24: My State Fair Experience

CTN 24: My State Fair Experience

September 25, 2019

 My family has always gone to the state fair, but this year it took looking back to see God in it. This week I will share a story of a family friend that brought me to tears and of a Christian concert I got attend at the State Fair. God was present despite my sore knee and complaining. How has God been showing up in your life when you take the time to stop and look back on His handiwork?

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God Bless and Safe Travels!


CTN 23: Traveling To Conferences

CTN 23: Traveling To Conferences

September 18, 2019

This summer I took a youth group to a Christian conference. This week I share 5 tips for leading a youth group (or any group) on a trip. I share some ways I help people debrief information and get the most spiritual growth out of the travel experience.

I also took away some amazing things from the conference about our Real. Present. God. I share my top 4 lessons and I hope that you also feel encouraged by these points.

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