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CTN 96: Ethical Evangelism with Justin James

CTN 96: Ethical Evangelism with Justin James

February 24, 2021

Justin James has been passionate about discipleship since high school and he joins us in this episode to talk about some of the taboo topics related to sharing Christ with others when you are traveling. Justin covers everything from:

  • The difference between Christianity and culture
  • How to train ourselves & others to be witnesses
  • How he engages friends (believers & non-believers) in faith based dialogue
  • What ethical evangelism IS - and what happens when it goes right and what happens when it turns unethical
  • An evangelism strategy by Dr. Timothy Tennet
  • And more

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God's Blessings & Safe Travels!

CTN 95: The Journey of Spiritual Leadership with Dan Luigs

CTN 95: The Journey of Spiritual Leadership with Dan Luigs

February 17, 2021

Dan Luigs, father of two amazing daughters, shares how God changed his faith life from going through the motions to being a spiritual leader for his family. What started as a statistic he heard during a workshop, led him to a life of abundant living for the Lord. In this episode he shares his story, how he believes spiritual leadership plays a part in family travel, and more!

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Until next time, Safe Travels & God Bless!

CTN 94: Embracing Uncertainty with AJ Medley

CTN 94: Embracing Uncertainty with AJ Medley

February 10, 2021

A.J. Medley is an avid traveler, having visited six continents! She loves to explore different cultures, food, and the outdoors. In her down time from her marketing profession, she enjoys blending her passions for sharing God’s love and travel in the blog, Wandering with God. This week she joins us to talk about times when things did not go as expected in her travels (from getting sick to helpful taxi drivers) and how she was able to embrace the uncertainty while leaning into God. She shares her wisdom and I hope that it inspires you to take a leap of faith in our travels!

You can connect with AJ on her blog and on Instagram!

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CTN 93: Worshiping in Hard Times with Schuyler Boone

CTN 93: Worshiping in Hard Times with Schuyler Boone

February 3, 2021

Believer, husband, pilot, teacher, and avid adventurer, Schuyler Boone joins us in this episode to talk about how to worship when the weight of the word feels like it is on your shoulders. He reminds us that we can experience the Creator through our adventures and even if we have to scream at God from the mountain tops - He is with us in all circumstances and at all times. We are the ones who so frequently forget God's promises of peace and comfort, but in this episode Schuyler highlights ways we can remember those promises from the depths of despair. 


You can connect with Schulyer on Instagram and on YouTube.


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Safe travels & God Bless!

CTN 92: Planning A Retreat with Sarah Geringer

CTN 92: Planning A Retreat with Sarah Geringer

January 27, 2021

Has God ever placed it on your heart to plan a retreat? Sarah Geringer joins us in this episode to share how God took her from being an attendee to leading her first retreat. She was blessed with a number of resources and friends who walked alongside her and she shares her stories and advice from that first experience! 

If you are interested in connecting with Sarah Geringer you can connect with her on a number of social media platforms found on her website.

In this episode Sarah shared information about Julie's retreat leader workbook and one of her favorite books, Sacred Rest.

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CTN 91: Engaging GenZ with Mikel Del Rosario

CTN 91: Engaging GenZ with Mikel Del Rosario

January 20, 2021

Have you ever been asked to speak at event? Or to lead a devotional? It can be rather intimidating. Mikel Del Rosario joins us in this episode to talk about some the important steps to being an engaging speaker, but also how to connect with the concerns that are currently weighing on the hearts of GenZ.

You can connect with Mikel on his website where you can find links to his podcast, facebook, & Instagram. You can also check out the Table Podcast.

To learn more about how the Christian Travelers' Network can help with your future travel plans, please visit our website or tune into episode 89, Our 2021 Travel Theme Reveal.


CTN 90: Event Planning with Mary Snyder

CTN 90: Event Planning with Mary Snyder

January 13, 2021

Have you ever thought about planning a retreat, but thought it was too big of an endeavor? There are so many moving parts, how could I ever do that? Mary Snyder has planned retreats for all different kinds of groups - from womens retreats at her church to cruise lines with big names like Toby Mac, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, etc.

In this episode Mary joins us to shed some light on how simple planning a retreat really can be!

You can connect with Mary Snyder on Facebook, Instagram, on her website, and her podcast "Take The Stage."

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CTN 89: 2021 Travel Theme Reveal

CTN 89: 2021 Travel Theme Reveal

January 6, 2021

The travel industry is eager to start the 2021 travel boom and offering amazing deals through travel agents as a result. I would love to help support your 2021 travel dreams by helping you book safely and securely, assisting you if travel dates changes, and of course providing faith based travel resources. In this episode I reveal with Christian Travelers' Network 2021 travel theme will be and how we can help your travel dreams come true. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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God's Blessings & Safe Travels!

CTN 88: Goal Setting In The New Year

CTN 88: Goal Setting In The New Year

December 30, 2020

What are you faith & travel goals for 2021? Honestly, I believe we should always be counting our blessings and asking the Lord to guide our dreams, but I wanted to take some time to walk you through some goal setting. In this episode we explore:

- Assessing our blessings for 2020

- Dreaming with the Lord for 2021

- Gathering your Scriptural tool kit for when things don't go as we plan in 2021

Once you've done so, we would love for you to share what the Lord has revealed to you in our Facebook group or on Instagram

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Until next time, safe travels and God Bless!

CTN 87: Merry Christmas

CTN 87: Merry Christmas

December 23, 2020

Merry Christmas!

Did you know that not every country celebrates Christmas in the same way? This week I want to celebrate Christmas with you by sharing a little bit about varying views of Saint Nicholos and Santa Claus - as well as share some travel gadgets that I adore. (Note: these are not sponsored products.)

1. Mini Bible

2. Scratch off Map

3. Cord & Charger Management

4. Sling Backpack

5. Travel Journals

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