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CTN 61: 10 Bible Verses About Travel

June 24, 2020

We know that God created the world & therefore He created travel - but what does God say about travel? Today we dive into 10 Bible Verses and Stories that mention the word "travel" either in ESV or NIV translation. I then apply some of the lessons learned about travel in Scripture to our lives today.

Exodus 13:21 - God travels ahead of them in a pillar of fire or cloud

Numbers 21:4 - As they traveled through venomous snakes they had to look up to the bronze snake.

Isaiah 33:8 - The cry of people to their gracious God when travel ceases.

Matthew 23:25 - Jesus calls out the intentions of the scribes & pharisees when they travel.

Acts 9:7 - Saul experiences Christ through a blinding light while traveling to persecute Christians.

Acts 8:36 - Eunuch reads the Bible while traveling and gets baptized.

Mark 1:39, Luke 8:1, 2 Cor. 8:19 - Jesus and the apostles are traveling to spread the Gospel and grow God's Kingdom on earth.

Luke 2:44 - Mary & Joseph travel home and Jesus goes missing.

To further explore travel in Scripture - look up these verses, read them in context (surrounding verses, titles, chapters, etc.), and then explore what God was teaching the people then an how it applies to our lives today.

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