Christian Travelers’ Network

CTN 50: Jesus’ Crucifixion

April 8, 2020

 When asked who they wanted released from prison - Barnabas (a filthy scoundrel) or Jesus (sinless in every way) they cheered "Barnabas!" When asked what to do with Jesus they shouted "Crucify him." Would you cheer to have Jesus killed? Would you cheer to have a criminal released and the Savior executed? This is part 6 of our Lenten series, where we are looking at the story of Jesus' Crucifixion in Matthew 27:11-66.

In response to this episode we are holding each other accountable in our devotional reading by sharing in our Facebook Group: If you could stand in Barnabas' shoes, how would you feel seeing the Savior of the World take your place? What are some praises you have for humble and obedient Savior? When you read Matthew 27:11-55 what verses does the Holy Spirit drawing your attention to? What verses do you have questions about? 

You can also join the group's Lenten devotional reading plan with other Christian Travelers "40 Days Journeying with Jesus." Let's hold each other accountable to being in God's Word!

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