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CTN 27: 3 Ways to Plan Your Next Trip

October 16, 2019

Ever wanted to throw a dart at a map or spin a globe to pick your next travel destination? Today I'm walking you through these methods to plan three trips. One to Japan, another to Iran, and another to Silver City, New Mexico. I will explain my thought process that goes into planning a trip. If you would like to jump to a specific tool I used or a specific location I planned for, please look at the suggested times below:

Dart on Map - An online resource for throwing a dart and picking a destination - 1:55

Spin the Globe - 2:50

Noken - An online tool or app to take the hassle out of planning trips - 3:22

Silver City, New Mexico (USA) - 3:46

Iran - 7:19

Japan - 11:56

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Safe travels and God Bless!