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CTN 146: Top 10 Global Airports & Their Worship Services

March 16, 2022

When traveling internationally - have you ever stopped to attend a worship service in an airport? Or prayed in a prayer room? Or even considered if there was a chaplain in the airport? Or had you even wondered if there was a worship service at airports in different countries? After episode 144, where we looked at worship services in the USA, we decided to take a global look at some of the best rated airports in the world to determine if they offer worship services. Not only that - we took a closer look at the religious makeup of these countries to determine if that had any influence on whether they had a worship space or not! 

If you would like access to our list of global airports, their worship services, and contact information - this will be available to members of our travel platform, coming soon. Not only will this private platform allow you to network with other Christian Travelers, plan trips together, etc. - you will also be gain key insight into different types of travel (cruise lines, airports, train stations, etc) and the related worship services! To get early access - please sign up for our email list at

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