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CTN 127: How Do Others View Your Worship (Exodus 4:18-5)

September 29, 2021

Like the Israelites, we are set apart to be different. We are called to worship the Lord on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... every day of the week, and everywhere. No matter where life & our travels take us. But sometimes people view our worship as being idle or lazy - especially in todays busy, go, go, culture. This reminds me of the story of Moses, when he first asked Pharaoh to let the people go worship in the wilderness. Pharaoh thought the people were being idle and lazy, and that was why they wanted to worship. In fact, Pharaoh made their workload harder in response to this request. Others may view our worship as a waste of time, but it's what renews our relationship with God and sets us apart - as ones who know our King. 

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