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CTN 125: Family Reunion (Genesis 46-50)

September 15, 2021

Have you ever been to a family reunion? No, I'm not talking about a gathering over the holidays - I'm talking about a destination based family gathering with extended family. I've been to a few - in Branson, at Disneyworld, in Tennessee. But none of them compare to the family reunion Joseph experienced when he was reunited with his Father in Egypt.  After 15-30 years of separation, meeting his little brother, and three years of famine - the two are finally reunited. It's messy, it's beautiful, and it paints a small picture of what the reunion will be like when we go to our heavenly home. 

I encourage you to read Genesis 46-50 for yourself, and look at God's Word through the eyes of a traveler. To ponder, what that heavenly reunion will truly look like.

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Until next time, safe travels & God Bless!

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