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CTN 123: Guarding our Mind and Relationship for the Rocky Roads (Genesis 37, 39-42)

September 1, 2021

Growing up my father loved the saying "life's not fun or fair.' As a kid, I absolutely hated that saying, because I had this strong belief that we make what we want out of our lives and that God didn't leave us here to be miserable. So, if I wanted to have a joy filled life I could chase after that. I believe it was possible to produce an income doing a job that I absolutely loved! While there's a lot of truth to that, I have also grown up and I've walk through some toxic jobs, I've experienced the negative side of adulting - which is rocky and uncertain and there's this constant worry about bills even when the emergency fund is ready. 

This rock road, reminds me of the story of Joseph. He went through a series of trials and testing: being sold off by his brothers, almost being raped by his Masters' wife, being put in prison, and yet he held onto his faith. He held onto an outlook that honored and worshiped God instead of falling into the sin of worry. In this weeks episode, we'll be be looking at Genesis 37 & 39-42. 

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