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CTN 116: The Benefit of Overcoming Your Fears and Traveling the World

July 14, 2021

What fears are stopping your from traveling? Is it the fear of traveling solo? Is it the fear of going overseas? Is it the fear of loosing your passport and wallet? 

Satan loves to make our fears bigger than they actually are and stop us from going - right when we begin to dream!

But when we step out in faith - we remind Satan that God has already defeated him, and as such he can't stop us from being the travelers that God calls us to be! 

In this weeks episode we are exploring why travel is important, how overcoming our fears builds our courage, and how we can begin the process of stepping out in faith - not only in our travels, but in all parts of our lives.

If you are looking for assistance in beginning your next adventure, Christian Travelers' Network is here to assist you. We are a faith based travel agency and we are here to help you book your trips and take you on adventures with other travelers.  We have two big retreats coming up - one in Florida & one in Punta Cana. To learn more about these and other faith + travel services, please visit: 

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