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CTN 114: Rewarding Yourself With Scheduled Rest

June 30, 2021

Been busy lately? Feeling overwhelmed? Despite how much we love to travel and how rewarding we know that it is - we often find ourselves neglecting rest in our daily lives. While we can easily answer why rest is important, we often get to the end of the day wondering why we feel so exhausted and have no idea how to begin to address that exhaustion. In this episode will explore why rest is important, why we forget to take breaks, how to rest, and why a reward mentality gives you permission to rest!


If this topic is something that you want to improve in, then consider joining us for:

  • This week's mindful rest challenge! Join us on Facebook & Instagram to tackle how we can be more intentional about resting! We will be holding each other accountable over the next week.
  • Virtual Meetup July 9th at 1:00 pm central time - gather with Christian Travelers' from around the world as we unpack this topic further. Subscribe to our mailing list for more details!
  • If you want some help with this topic, join us in Florida as we put these skills into practice - as we unpack spiritual truths about resting in the Lord! Learn ore about the adventures, delicacies, venue, and dates at

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