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CTN 106: God Created the National Parks with Lindsey Wheeley

May 5, 2021

When everything in life is wearing you down, where do you connect with God best? If nature was your answer, then you will love hearing how Lindsey Wheeley has experienced God in the National Parks! In fact, she even shares how you can get involved with ministry opportunities in National Parks. Lindsey served with the organization, A Christian Ministry in National Parks, in 2007 at Glacier National Parks and she continues to make time to explore God's creation with her husband and two year old. Join us today as she shares the many ways God is evident in His creation!

In this episode we mentioned the film "National Parks: America's Best Idea" you can check it out on their website: We also mentioned the ACMNP ministry and you can get involved at:

You can connect with Lindsey at

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