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CTN 102: What Makes Yellowstone National Park Unique with Natalie Ogbourne

April 7, 2021

There are a number of National Parks in the United States, but have you ever stopped to wonder - what makes Yellowstone National Park unique? Natalie Ogbourne practically grew up in Yellowstone as her family traveled there year after year and season after season. She grew to love it's 2.2 million acres of beautiful landscape filled with wild animals, but originally her fear of bears and bison kept her on the boardwalks where it was "safe." Today she finds that lessons she learned as she adventured in to the wild parts of Yellowstone apply to the landscape we traverse in our faith lives. Join us as Natalie reveals some of the things that make Yellowstone a true wonder!

You can connect with Natalie Ogbourne on her website. In addition, don't forget to check out her resources: Engage Your Terrain: Field Notes for Navigating Life by Faith and the Mapping Out Your Yellowstone Adventure Guide!

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