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CTN 101: What Holy Sites & Cities Are Associated With Christianity with Susan & Rick McCarthy

March 31, 2021

The concept of holy sites and cities is rich through many religions, but have you ever stopped to consider what holy sites and cities are associated with Christianity? Susan & Rick McCarthy have a passion for for traveling to visit these places that are associated with important God moments. Whether it's a place referenced in Scripture or a place from the Reformation in Germany - they enjoy exploring religious sites. But what makes their perspective unique - is that they aren't in a rush. They want to slow down and ponder how the lessons of these holy sites apply to their lives today in deep and tangible ways. Join us as Susan and Rick take us on an adventure!

If you would like to connect with Susan & Rick you can do so by checking out their website or ordering their book, "Defining Moments: The Transformational Moments of Faith Based Travel."

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Sarah Wudtke

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